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Dear Diaspora

Nov 10, 2019

For episode 14, I had the pleasure of interviewing Beverly Luma, co-founder of Lady Beverly, a cosmetics line offering affordable makeup and beauty products/services. 

Lady Beverly was started in 2016 while Beverly and her sister were mere college students. After trying product after product, the sisters were unable to find a line of makeup that worked for their sensitive skin. Their frustration led them to experiment and ultimately launch Lady Beverly, a cosmetics company offering vegan, cruelty-free makeup.

After operating for a few years, Beverly sold part of the company in effort to expand operations in her home country of Cameroon and beyond.

During the episode, she shares her experience finding the right manufacturers, enlisting the help of her family and friends to make sure the business ran smoothly, and the next phase of the business—expanding and having a stronger presence on the continent. Listen in to hear more of our amazing conversation! 

“It would be nice to see that I contributed to something [on the continent]. I will probably put a drop of water in the ocean, but that will be good enough for me.” - Beverly Luma  


Lady Beverly on Instagram: @ladybeverlyofficial

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