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Dear Diaspora

Sep 1, 2019

In this episode of Dear Diaspora, Ndu is joined by Afromaha co-founder Judy Kiagiri to discuss living and working in the Midwest, how communities can embrace diversity and be more inclusive, and Afromaha’s upcoming African Culture Festival.


Afromaha is committed to bringing people together to celebrate and share African culture. With thousands of Africans living in Nebraska, they have created a platform to connect foster creativity and engage the African diaspora in the local community. They are deliberately inclusive, and dedicated to celebrating diversity.


During the conversation, we delve into Judy’s experience creating Afromaha along with her partner Joubel. Additionally, we discuss the importance of networking and finding like-minded individuals when looking to create anything new.


“Find people that will go the distance with you.”-Judy Kiagiri 


Learn more about Afromaha and this year’s African Culture Festival here:


Listen in to hear more of our amazing conversation!