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Dear Diaspora

Mar 1, 2020

Certified Africa is influencing travelers of color to connect, do business on the Continent and share their entrepreneurial talents while contributing to the development of Africa. 

Nii and Kristin met in 2016 while Kristin was participating in a legal study abroad program in Ghana. Nii showed Kristin around his home country and did the same for her family when they came to visit her. The two then thought—why not bring even more people to Ghana, show them around, and share the numerous business opportunities available?

And Certified Africa was born. Certified Africa curates transformative trips to Ghana, where travelers have the opportunity to experience fun, adventure, nightlife and authentic culture.

During the episode, Kristin and Nii share:

  • How they infuse business in each of their travel experiences
  • Some of the most promising business opportunities in Ghana
  • Their thoughts on the impact of The Year of Return
  • What it’s like to live in the US and run a business on the Continent
  • Tips on doing business with your spouse

“There’s an amazing future ahead for Africa.” Kristin Quaye

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