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Dear Diaspora

Sep 1, 2019

In this episode of Dear Diaspora, Ndu is joined by Diaspora Talks host and Take Back Africa Foundation founder Fata Acquoi to discuss immigration, growing up in the US, advocacy and the upcoming Take Back Africa Summit.


In 2018, the Take Back Africa Summit was founded by African millennials living in the diaspora with one goal in mind: how can we improve the socio-economic status of the African continent while making it sustainable for future generations? This year’s summit is happening September 27 and 28 at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.


If you’re interested in attending or learning more about this year’s event, please visit:


During the conversation, we delve into Fata’s experience advocating for the extension of Deferred Enforced Departure, a temporary status granted to certain eligible Liberians. Additionally, we discuss what excites us about Africa’s future—namely the continent having one of the youngest work forces and the newly signed continental free trade agreement.


“Even if you’re not going to go back home, at least support the work being done to create change”-Fata Acquoi.


Listen in to hear more of our amazing conversation!


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