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Dear Diaspora

May 3, 2020

Happy Sunday Dear Diaspora fam! Thanks for tuning in to episode 34 of the show. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan, co-founders of Boddle Learning, an ed-tech platform with an adaptive learning algorithm that delivers just right questions to each student.

Boddle identifies and addresses gaps to help kids who are behind catch up, while providing the right level of rigor to challenge kids who are ahead.

During the episode, they share:

  • Edna’s upbringing in Uganda/Ghana and Clarence’s in Singapore and China
  • How their love story went viral after Clarence shared how his parents originally weren’t keen about him dating outside his race
  • What sparked their interest in entrepreneurship and the early days of Boddle Learning
  • How school closures increased their user base by over 1,000%
  • Tips on building a company with a partner
  • What’s next for Boddle

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