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Dear Diaspora

May 10, 2020

Thanks for tuning in to episode 35! For today's episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ona Oghogho, Founder and Creative Director of Blk Pod Collective.

Blk Pod Collective was created to fill the void of adequate representation for African-Americans within the podcast industry. We provide support, visibility, and educational resources to ensure that our community has the tools needed to start, grow and sustain their platforms. 

During the episode, Ona shares:

  • Her experience growing up as a first-generation American in Atlanta, GA
  • How her passion for podcasting and storytelling encouraged her to start the Blk Pod Collective
  • How to create authentic content and disrupt the status quo in podcasting
  • How podcasting can be used as a tool to connect the Diaspora
  • What excites her about the future of podcasting

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Instagram: @blkpodcollective

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