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Dear Diaspora

May 17, 2020

Thanks for tuning in to episode 36 of the show! Asafu is the founder and CEO of Naya Labs, a cutting-edge software development company that leverages top developers across the African continent, to build web/mobile applications for startups in the US.

Outside of Naya Labs, he’s part of a team creating Built in Africa, a platform connecting trailblazers of the African diaspora through the unifying language of Tech. Built in Africa’s mission is to build bridges by sharing stories of developers, designers, and those equipping the human talent with a technical skillset.  

During the episode, Asafu shares:

  • Growing up in US after emigrating from Liberia
  • How he built Naya Labs, a company outsourcing development work to engineers on the Continent
  • What inspired he and his team to get started with Built in Africa
  • How can we leverage technology to create jobs on the Continent
  • How we can ensure we don’t get left behind in the digital revolution     

“There’s a real awakening happening among people of African descent across the globe. It feels to me that a lot of people are starting to resonate with the African continent being our future.” - Asafu Thomas

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