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Dear Diaspora

Jun 21, 2020

For today’s episode, tune in to hear from the founders of the new home to the most innovative, melanin-focused, independent brands of the African Diaspora. Yard and Parish features a collective of affordable luxury online providing access to items that champion a natural, conscious, and colorful lifestyle.

Co-founders Alesha and Samantha’s time studying and working in the UK inspired them to have a go at solving a global cultural issue. Until now, it really hasn't been simple or straightforward to find or buy from ethnic designers, or even to buy chemical-free products for afro hair and skin unless we live in specific neighbourhoods. They recognized that this is an issue everywhere women of color are considered a minority and so they aspire to be the most accessible one-stop shop for our generation.

During the episode, they share:

  • Their experience living in Ontario/starting their businesses in the UK
  • What inspired them to get started with Yard and Parish
  • How they build relationships with vendors they work with
  • How they’re connecting with customers during this pandemic
  • The power of community  
  • The biggest lessons they’ve learned so far as entrepreneurs + more!

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