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Dear Diaspora

Mar 22, 2020

Thank you all for tuning in to episode 29 of the show. For today’s (solo) episode, I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on the last few weeks.

Many of us haven’t experienced anything like this (Coronavirus pandemic), but I am faithful that we will push through and get through this. Hoping everyone is staying safe, staying inside and working from home if possible.

Our collective efforts will slow the spread significantly so we can get back to our normal routines as soon as possible.

During the episode, I also share more about my new gig with the Opportunity Hub!

The Opportunity Hub (OHUB) is the leading technology, startup entrepreneurship & and venture ecosystem building platform created to ensure that everyone, everywhere has equitable opportunity in the future of work, fourth industrial revolution and beyond as a path to multi-generational wealth creation with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth.

Tune in to hear more about my new role, and some tips/encouragement to help you get through this uncertain time.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home. We will get through this.

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